That's Not A Box of Shirts

That's Not A Box of Shirts, That's A Box of Money

I've said it a million times probably, "That's not a box of shirts, that's a box of money." Yet, plenty of shops don't have a solid process for handling their receiving duties and that cascades down into poor inventory control too. When…
Top 5 Reasons Why Shops Fail - Marshall Atkinson

Top 5 Reasons Why Shops Fail

Why do shops fail? Many, just like yours always seem to go out of business. But I'm not saying there is anything wrong with your shop. Nope. I just want to point out that in every shop that fails, they thought they would make it. That…
Drowning in Sunk Costs - Marshall Atkinson

5 Examples of Drowning in Sunk Costs

Have you ever heard of the term "Sunk Costs"? I know, it is not something that just rolls off of your tongue in everyday conversation. But in your shop, you may be dealing with a Sunk Cost idea right now. Let me explain. A simple definition…