Marketing During A Crisis

Marketing During A Crisis

Last Thursday I invited former Shirt Lab instructor Lori Feldman with The Database Diva to share her ideas on how to market during this pandemic crisis on a special Facebook Live interview that aired on the Atkinson Consulting Facebook page.…
On Fearing Thin Ice2019

On Fearing Thin Ice

I want you to picture something in your mind. You are out on a frozen lake. It's bitterly cold. The wind is whipping by, and it's so strong it feels like needles stinging your face. You are trying to shuffle across the ice to the other…
Drowning in Sunk Costs - Marshall Atkinson

5 Examples of Drowning in Sunk Costs

Have you ever heard of the term "Sunk Costs"? I know, it is not something that just rolls off of your tongue in everyday conversation. But in your shop, you may be dealing with a Sunk Cost idea right now. Let me explain. A simple definition…