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  • confident chef in a commercial kitchen

    In the Weeds

    Have you ever heard the term "in the weeds?" If you have any sort of restaurant kitchen background, I'm sure…
  • retro robot on factory floor, created in Midjourney by Marshall Atkinson

    Using Creative AI Imaging In Your Workflow

    Let's talk creative disruption. Right now, a very economical tool exists to augment your creative work for your shop. It's…
  • Marshall Atkinson in front of a video camera

    Why Sharing Is Important

    How good are you at sharing? Here's the thing, your mother was right. Sharing is something that should be ingrained…
  • The elephant in the room

    Bonkers for Midjourney

    As you may have noticed in my social media feeds, I've gone bonkers for Midjourney. You may ask yourself, "Self...what's…
  • Futuristic image with neon lights created in Midjourney

    Stuff They Said

    Wanna hear "stuff they said?" This past week I attended two completely unrelated but thoroughly amazing events. I'm still trying…
  • Panic stricken man realizes a mistake

    How To Learn From Your Mistakes and Come Out Ahead

    Recently, I made a huge mistake in setting up something for the recent Shirt Lab Summit. We had a live…