There Is No Cure For The Internet

Sure, your company is online.  Hey you have a webpage!  Woohoo!  So how is that working out for you?  Driving tons of business your way I’ll bet. Except when it isn’t. Don’t you feel that sometimes you are standing there on the curbside of today’s business highway while all the really great orders are zipping…


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The Best Time

There is an ancient Chinese proverb that goes “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.” Think about that for a moment. Without even meeting you or having a conversation with any employees in your company, I know there is something that you have been thinking…


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Stressless Distressed

This week’s blog article is all about creating easy to use distressed pattern files that you can use to add some pizzazz to your graphic files.  Nothing fancy, just solid technique.  If you have ever bought a distressed pattern you are going to wonder why you wasted your money after you read this.  Creating your…


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The Seedy Underbelly

Let’s talk about intellectual dishonesty for a minute.  In the decorated apparel industry we are constantly under siege by people who push the envelope with their business practices. Is it laziness? For example, you’ve undoubtedly read about how some big box retailers have stolen some creative designer’s work and marketed it as their own.  I guess…


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The Pertinent Negative

In our shops we are always inundated with questions.  How much for this?  What about that?  Can you design me something for my event?  Always with my favorite instruction, “Just do something cool!” Sometimes, there are challenges from our own staff too.  These often start with a litany of questions.  What are we going to…


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Drowning Staff Needs a Lifeline

I was recently speaking with an owner of a shop that was lamenting about the lack of talent, drive and knowledge in her shop.  She was very frustrated that she couldn’t find good workers to help get her business growing and wanted to know the best way to attract better employees. During the conversation, I…


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Don’t Make Me USE ALL CAPS

Frustrated with work challenges that involve people?  Me too.  Don’t you want to just send that jerk-wad a full fledged e-mail rant using all caps to really show them who’s boss?  I know you know where the caps lock key is on the keyboard.  Time for a left pinky smackdown… KA-BLAM!  UNLEASH THE FREAKING FURY OF…


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Direction vs Speed

Let’s pretend you had to choose between “Direction” and “Speed” as the one attribute for your business to obtain success.  Sure, it’s a ridiculous argument, as there are obviously more to making a company successful than one buzzword attribute…but that’s the fun of debate isn’t it?  Pick a crazy premise and argue. Which do you…


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