LAB Mode Mojo

Do you use Photoshop for creating the image for t-shirts either digitally or with traditional screen-printing?  How adept are you at setting up a foundation for amazing print results with just a few simple clicks? Many creative digital artists struggle with Photoshop because there are too many choices to adjust the image; they simply don’t know…


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Shop Success Gumbo

Have you ever tasted a bowl of freshly served gumbo, hot and steaming and brimming with so much goodness you can’t wait to shove your spoon in and take a bite?  That rich and savory deliciousness starts dripping down your chin, as you can’t even eat the right way it’s so fantastic. Mmmmm.  I’ll need…


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Chasing Rabbits

There is a quote attributed to the Chinese philosopher Confucius that reads, “He who chases two rabbits, catches neither.”  Meaning, it’s vital that you focus your attention on one primary target. Think about your shop for a second and your customer base. Are you chasing one rabbit, or a field full of customers hopping all…


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Untie the Employee Hostage Knot

Regardless of the size of your shop, your employees are the lifeblood of the company.  Without them, you would cease to perform or exist. So what happens when you find yourself in an organizational crisis where one employee is holding your company “hostage”? This can be in several forms.   They have a skill you…

Untie the Employee Hostage Knot - Marshall Atkinson

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Expansion Joints

In construction, shrewd builders deploy a technique called expansion joints to allow for unpredictable change.  They are commonly found in sidewalks, buildings, roads, railroad tracks, ships, bridges, and other structures. The reason expansion joints are needed is that sometimes there are vibrations, heat differences, or even movement in things.  Before expansion joint gaps were introduced…

Expansion Joint - Marshall Atkinson

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The War Over Water

It is probably fitting that the term for the sign of a weakness is called an “Achilles Heel” as it matches up wonderfully with an upcoming, unspoken battle facing the decorated apparel industry.   The war over water. If you remember your Greek mythology, Achilles was dipped into the river Styx as an infant by…


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