Direction vs Speed

Let’s pretend you had to choose between “Direction” and “Speed” as the one attribute for your business to obtain success.  Sure, it’s a ridiculous argument, as there are obviously more to making a company successful than one buzzword attribute…but that’s the fun of debate isn’t it?  Pick a crazy premise and argue. Which do you…


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Procrastinate Much?

I’ve been meaning to write an article about procrastination for some time now.  Don’t laugh. Seriously. Somehow, I just keep putting it off.  (Ba Da Bump)  Other topics come up that mean more, or maybe I think they are more relevant to the industry.  Things happen. Now here we are months later and I’m just…


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Sell the Sizzle

One of the age-old advertising mantras as been “Don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle.”  You’ve heard that before, right?  That phrase is so intriguing I looked up who coined the term.  The answer is: Elmer Wheeler, and he was one of the pioneers of persuasion in marketing.  (More about his thinking at the end of…


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Social Activism on the Shop Floor

Do your employees passionately care about a currently trending topic? You know, what the talking heads are blathering about on television, writing about in the newspaper, or most currently, what’s filling up your social media feed with stances one way or another?  This could be a local issue or something that’s being debated on a…


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LAB Mode Mojo

Do you use Photoshop for creating the image for t-shirts either digitally or with traditional screen-printing?  How adept are you at setting up a foundation for amazing print results with just a few simple clicks? Many creative digital artists struggle with Photoshop because there are too many choices to adjust the image; they simply don’t know…


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Shop Success Gumbo

Have you ever tasted a bowl of freshly served gumbo, hot and steaming and brimming with so much goodness you can’t wait to shove your spoon in and take a bite?  That rich and savory deliciousness starts dripping down your chin, as you can’t even eat the right way it’s so fantastic. Mmmmm.  I’ll need…


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Chasing Rabbits

There is a quote attributed to the Chinese philosopher Confucius that reads, “He who chases two rabbits, catches neither.”  Meaning, it’s vital that you focus your attention on one primary target. Think about your shop for a second and your customer base. Are you chasing one rabbit, or a field full of customers hopping all…


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Untie the Employee Hostage Knot

Regardless of the size of your shop, your employees are the lifeblood of the company.  Without them, you would cease to perform or exist. So what happens when you find yourself in an organizational crisis where one employee is holding your company “hostage”? This can be in several forms.   They have a skill you…

Untie the Employee Hostage Knot - Marshall Atkinson

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