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Marshall Atkinson is one of the leading production and efficiency consultants for t-shirt shops. Atkinson coaches owners on operational efficiency, employee challenges, workflow processes, business planning, and sustainability. He the host of InkSoft’s The Big Idea podcast.
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$99 per month

This is for shops that need a monthly accountability call or a sounding board. One hour per month. Need a regular dose of realistic advice? This is where you start.

$199 per month

For shops that need more help. Two hours per month can help you sort out your challenges as we’re talking every other week. Some shops have different people on each call.

$499 per month

For shops that need constant interaction. Five hours per month means that we’re talking every week with an hour call, or I’m helping with some other projects too. Lots of heavy lifting.

$999 per month

This plan is reserved for special projects or initiatives. Ghost-writing blog articles or creating processes and systems. Ten hours per month buys a lot of time that you can use in your shop!

Grab a 1-Hour Block of Time – $150


Are You Highly Motivated to Change Something?

The best results happen when you have a fierce desire to learn and grow. Commitment equals success.

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