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Marshall Atkinson is one of the leading production and efficiency consultants for t-shirt shops. Atkinson coaches owners on operational efficiency, employee challenges, workflow processes, business planning, and sustainability. He the host of InkSoft’s The Big Idea podcast.
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Marshall Atkinson
Host of The Big Idea Podcast

Trade Show & Webinar Speaker

C-Suite & Board of Directors Positions

Author of Numerous Industry Articles

Shop Performance Consultant

My Mission Statement

My mission is to guide decorated apparel shops through the process of strategic change.  Simply put, the goal is to elevate performance, focus on the future, and provide solution-based direction.

My role is to act as a trusted advisor, providing objective and results-oriented analysis, solutions and implementation.

This mission is expressed in my company motto: Helping Shops Succeed

Call Me

(850) 445-3155

Process Performance Improvement
Performance Improvement

Shop Layout

Speed Up Workflow

Production Scheduling 

Develop New Processes

Growth & Scalability

Shop Coaching

Having troubles sorting out the chaos on the shop floor?  Let me put my decades of industry experience to work for you.  Eliminate those headaches, drastically reduce your downtime, improve your on-time production delivery schedule.  Poor performance is costing your shop money every day.  Let me guide you to better shop management and performance.

Staff Challenges
Employee Motivation

Shop Handbook Guidance

Hiring Best Practices

Employee Review Programs

Staff Training Programs

Employee Promotions

Mission Critical

Shop staffing is critical to your success.  Those machines don’t run themselves.  Many owners and production leaders often need help sorting out the complex questions regarding the people they employ.  Whether it is helping build a training program or coaching with an employee behavior issue…I can help.

Earn More Success
Build Accurate Pricing

Lower Your Costs

Discover Opportunities

Scale Your Business

Develop High Potential

Focus On Performance

(CF x M) + CI = MaxProfit

Learn the formula for more success for your shop!  [Customer Focus (CF) x Marketing (M)] + Continuous Improvement (CI) = MaxProfit.  Partnering together we can develop a pathway to a better future for your shop.


Choose a plan that is right for your needs.

$99 per month

My basic rate plan for getting started with help. For shops with challenges and want to see improvement. I'm guiding you through the work.

$199 per month

The next level up from Intro. We are working together to solve your challenges, and I'm guiding you through the process. For shops that want significant change.

$499 per month

This is for shops that need a good bit of help. I'm on your team, working with you or your team to elevate your shop's performance and efficiency. Big changes!

$999 per month

The best investment you can make. Performance improvement accelerates by developing a strategic relationship with your shop. Build a better future.

Grab a 1-Hour Block of Time – $150


Are You Highly Motivated to Change Something?

The best results happen when you have a fierce desire to learn and grow. Commitment equals success.