Finding Your Next Big Customer

In December of 2016 I posted on my social media channels a simple essay contest for decorated apparel shops that read this blog.  Send me a few paragraphs outlining your shop’s biggest challenge.  Using that info, I’ll craft a response as the basis of an upcoming article.  The winner receives an hour of free coaching help from…


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The Lost Art of Thumbnails

No, I’m not talking about fingernails.   I’m talking about the tiny, scribbly sketches that graphic designers use to work out creative concepts before getting to the nitty gritty of building that file in the computer. There once was a time when folks learning design, actually learned how to design.  Any solid concept starts with…


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Adjust The Sails

Pessimist.  Optimist.  Realist. If you had to characterize your business personality into one of these three types, which would you choose? Did you pick one?   Why do I ask?  Well, I stumbled on a fantastic quote the other day that I thought would make a great focus for an article.  Have you read this before?…


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For Want Of A Nail

How many times has an order or something gone wrong in your shop and you thought to yourself, “Hey, we are better than this!  How did that happen?” This type of situation reminds me of that old Ben Franklin parable:      “For want of a nail the shoe was lost,        For…


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The Deep Freeze

Most of the time my articles are squarely focused on the business owners or shop managers out there in the decorated apparel industry.   Not this time. After receiving an email advice request from someone with a very personal problem, this article is going to be focused on everyone else in the shop, but more importantly…


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Help Your Employees Succeed

In your business are your employees constantly working towards completing the tasks needed?  Probably not.   We’re people, not a bunch of robots, so human centered problems can become obstacles in everyday work. To get your staff to complete more tasks in a day, there are some things to consider.  Look inward and see if…


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