The No BS Rule

Want to make your shop better?  Run with more efficiency?  Bigger profits at the end of the day?  Here is one place you can start.  It’s a simple rule and it applies to just about everything: No bullshit. Sorry if that is offensive language to you.  But I think it is an appropriate business term…


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Boom!  In a business context, what does that word mean to you? Gigantic explosion of new business? Disintegration, as chunks of your sales channels and market share fly away in a cloud of smoke? Boom! This article is a just a pondering “What if?”.  It is for planning purposes only.  These days everyone is a…


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The Gig Economy

gig e-con-o-my noun •  “A labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs.” Most businesses don’t think that they fit this description.  However, as markets become more unpredictable, many different companies are faced with working this way. Balancing your labor variable just makes sense. In the decorated…


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Catch the Chicken

Speed. What is the average production turn-time your shop? Remember Rocky II, the movie? Sure, 1979 was a long time ago…but I’ll bet you remember this one.  Rocky fights a rematch with Apollo Creed, and has to go through an uncomfortable change to defeat the champ.  The trick is simply to become a faster fighter.  He starts this…


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Risky Business: Repetitive Motion

Repetitive motion.  That two word phrase defines the decorated apparel industry. Regardless if you are a screen-printer, embroiderer, or digital print shop, your workers repeat the same task all day. Yet, most shops don’t spend much time training the staff how to do things properly from an ergonomic point of view.  In any task, there’s…


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Shop Tech Solutions

Not so many years ago, our industry operated with simpler tools.  Squeegees and ink.  Needles and thread.  Maybe a whiteboard or spreadsheet for scheduling. Remember when you used to plaster parking lots with flyers for your shop?  That was caveman social media. These days things are far more complicated. Whether you are the “one-man band”…


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Finding Your Next Big Customer

In December of 2016 I posted on my social media channels a simple essay contest for decorated apparel shops that read this blog.  Send me a few paragraphs outlining your shop’s biggest challenge.  Using that info, I’ll craft a response as the basis of an upcoming article.  The winner receives an hour of free coaching help from…


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