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This eBook contains 4 building blocks needed to run your shop properly.  Two fully customizable templates to write a Business Plan. A robust Employee Handbook that you use to manage your employees.  A Production Log to track your production data, with a Dashboard spreadsheet system to make sense of the data collected.  Plus, some key thoughts on building your shop Brand.  Whether you are new to the industry or been in business for years, this eBook has something for you to elevate your business to get to the next level.

  1. Rusty Namie

    Marshall Atkinson came to our shop on February 17, 2021 and was here for 3 days. He made lots of efficiency observations and provided a clear summary for us to follow to improve our shop. On Monday morning after Marshall left, I approached our screen print manager about a job he was running for 35,000 units. It has a front location and a sleeve print. The job was assigned to one operator with no puller. He printed 2000 shirts in 7 hours. I inquired if we could add a puller to tomorrows schedule based on Marshall’s’ recommendation. The next day, the two man crew did 1,800 in 3 hours. Over twice as fast. We then had time to move that two man crew on to the other jobs on the schedule for that day. At the end of the day the operators said that the day went smoother and it was easier for them to work efficiently. We were stuck on getting to as many jobs as we could in a day and taking several days to get them done. I’m figuring we are saving between 3 and 4 hours a day on one staff member a day. This change allows us to produce , save on labor costs and have the operators feeling better at the end of their shifts. One of many improvements he suggested. If you are considering his services, I’d recommend them highly”

  2. Marlo Penttila

    Nicely put. Appreciate it.

  3. Kyle Robinson

    Just a quick note to let you know that you’re “Shop Basic Info Pack” is amazing! Pure Gold. There’s nothing “Basic” about it… the information and templates are concrete tools that we will begin using right away and gain an immediate ROI.

    We have some of these systems in place – but having a template to further refine and improve these systems and being able to use this as a training tool is priceless. Coming from an industry veteran/consultant – it also gains much more buy-in from my staff.

    You honestly probably need to charge more for this – but glad we got in on the introductory price.

    • atkinsontshirt

      Great to hear Kyle! I love it that you are using it to make your shop better. Good job! -M

  4. Ryan Moor, Ryonet

    There is a lot of “knowledge” shared in screen printing and a lot of how to screen print info out there but Marshall takes it to the next level sharing extremely valuable knowledge learned from years of running production and working with other shops. Marshall is a great writer and these lessons are easy to understand and very valuable. Great investment in $ and time!

    • atkinsontshirt

      Awesome! Thanks for the great comment Ryan! It means a lot. -M

  5. Joe Sudrovic owner of Goeilla Joe Printing Co. LLC

    If you are running or owning a shop and constantly want more. Not necessarily orders but more efficiency, streamlined operations, quicker turnarounds and just overall natural progression in productivity this is the best batch of info I have ever read. I’ve been coached by Marshall for quite some time and the info he gives is extremely valuable. This will make you a better shop owner and run your business business better!

    • atkinsontshirt

      Thanks for your comment Joe! You rock! -M

  6. Kesa Larson

    Once again Marshall’s wisdom comes at the perfect time for our shop. This book is perfect for anyone just starting out as well as the perfect checks and balances for a seasoned shop. As soon as we read it we immediately started implementing these practices. I can not wait to measure and report back on our growth.

    • atkinsontshirt

      Awesome! Thanks for the kind words Kesa! I can’t wait to see how you use this info in your business! -M

  7. atkinsontshirt

    Awesome! Thanks for the kind words Kesa! I can’t wait to see how you use this info in your business! -M

  8. Darryl Garcia

    We`ve learned we can`t measure what we don`t track. Working with Atkinson Consulting we`ve implemented Excel log sheets in our business, Using the data we acquire from our Excel log sheets we make the necessary adjustments in our business and move forward.
    Being a screen pinter and shop owner I really, really, really love buying the latest equipment and software in our industry. I am convinced, more than any piece of equipment I could purchase for the business, nothing is going to add more to our bottom line in 2018 than to continue to work with Atkinson Consulting. You are much appreciated Marshall Atkinson.

    • atkinsontshirt

      Thanks, Darryl!

  9. Tom Rauen

    The essentials of every shop in an easy to read ebook. For any growing shop, an employee handbook is essential to minimize risk and get some structure into your business. The production log and shop dashboard put true metrics on if your production is efficient and profitable while holding your team accountable. You can only improve what you can measure and this is the key process to measuring production in any shop big or small.

    • atkinsontshirt

      Thanks, Tom!

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