$749 per month | Silver Plan

$749.00 / month

Imagine what it might be like to have me on your payroll.  Looking for a mentor to help guide your shop with heavy-duty advice?  For shops that need constant interaction.  Weekly calls mean lots of heavy lifting.  All calls are recorded, and you will receive the recording and a transcript.  Plus, I’m available for email support with questions at any time.

  1. Shane Snodgrass

    Our company has been utilizing Marshall’s services for over a year for remote coaching and on-site consultation. The plethora of knowledge that Marshall brings to your table is unrivaled. It truly helps having another person to hold leadership responsible and push change into the organization. His extensive background in operations of a decorated apparel business means he’s bringing solutions to drop your costs, promote efficiencies and design a safer environment. His solutions are typically data driven and he helps build systems to your needs. Highly recommended for anyone wanting growth.

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