Problem solving starts with questions

Problem Solving Starts With Questions

In any business, there will always be problems to solve. Depending on who you are, a problem can be a gigantic headache to one person, and an incredible opportunity for another. I was speaking with a business leader the other day about the…
Avalanche of Accountability

Avalanche of Accountability

How is the accountability level in your shop? You know, the daily level of "Get 'Er Done"! I'm not singling out production either. They often get the short end of the stick when other departments upstream don't hit all of their goals like…
How to Build a Culture of Responsibility - Marshall Atkinson

How to Build a Culture of Responsibility

I hate to break it to you, but if you are frustrated by the lack of responsible employees in your company, that culture is one-hundred percent your fault. Not your employees! Here's what I mean. Read these examples and tell me if they…