Why is it so expensive?

Why Is It So Expensive?

"Why is it so expensive?" You've probably have viewed a version of the following post somewhere in the past year or so. My Shirt Lab partner, Tom Rauen, sent me this earlier this week with the suggestion that I alter it for our industry. What…
No Excuses Mentality for Decorated Apparel Shops

No Excuses Mentality for Decorated Apparel Shops

Quick question: Can your shop operate with a no excuses mentality? For the decorated apparel industry, what does that exactly mean anyway? At best, it's a culture-driven herculean challenge. Worst, it probably means some people you work with…
How SanMar Works Processing Your Orders - Marshall Atkinson

How SanMar Works: Processing Your Orders

  Have you ever wondered how your order gets picked once you hit the submit button at SanMar? I know I have. One of the things I was able to line up at this past January's ISS Long Beach show was a behind the scenes look at the…