The "Mother May I" Syndrome

The "Mother May I?" Syndrome

Have you heard about the "Mother May I?" Syndrome? Maybe not, but chances are that you have experienced this. The "Mother May I" Syndrome is when seemingly nobody on your staff can do anything without your approval or opinion. EVERYONE…
Processes Define Success

Processes Define Success

In your shop, right now, you have established processes for everything you do. Some are working fantastic. Others are working ok. Some probably aren't working as they should. And lastly, there are some things that exist but don't have a…
Hairy Gorilla Arm - Marshall Atkinson

The Hairy Gorilla Arm Theory

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Do you have super nit-picky art customers?  You know, the ones that are never satisfied with any graphic you develop for them?  If you don’t, you are either extremely lucky or a big fat liar.  So I don’t call the readers of my blog liars,…