Daily Habits Foster Momentum

Daily Habits Foster Momentum

Let's talk about the concept of momentum for a minute. If we look up the word in the dictionary we'll find: PHYSICS The quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity.The impetus gained by a moving object."The…
That's Not A Box of Shirts

That's Not A Box of Shirts, That's A Box of Money

I've said it a million times probably, "That's not a box of shirts, that's a box of money." Yet, plenty of shops don't have a solid process for handling their receiving duties and that cascades down into poor inventory control too. When…
Screens: Biggest Issue In Your Shop - Marshall Atkinson

Screens: Biggest Issue In Your Shop

Today we are going to look at the biggest problem facing shops that screen-print apparel. At least from my perspective anyway. My guess is that this problem is probably in your shop. Right now. This challenge gets ignored most of the…