What is Your Truth?

What Is Your Truth?

One question for you about your business...what is your truth? Not what you tell yourself or hope to be. The real deal. Lately, I've been coming across many businesses in the decorated apparel industry that, ahem, are simply all over…
Information Drinking From The Firehose

Information: Drinking From The Firehose

Information overload! In the modern 24/7/365 warp speed of the decorated apparel industry, it may sometimes feel like you are drinking from a firehose when it comes to finding and utilizing information. There is simply too much to process. So…
How Do You Solve A Problem for Maria - Marshall Atkinson

How Do You Solve A Problem for Maria?

Maria has a problem.  She's been employed in your shop for about eight months now.  Maria really loves her job, and working in the decorated apparel industry suits her. She's smart.  Good with her hands.  A quick learner.  Creative. That's…