Changing the Game: How to be Different

Changing the Game: How to Be Different

How is your company different? I'm serious. Think about this for a second. How hard is it really to print, embroider, or decorate a shirt? All around you is competition. What separates your shop from those other knuckleheads? …
Looking Ahead So You Don't Fall Behind

Looking Ahead So You Don't Fall Behind

How far are you looking ahead? Summer is ending. School is ramping up and fall sports are starting. COVID is getting scarier again. Maybe. A few weeks ago I wrote about two trends. One was the supply chain disruption, and the other was the…
Next year is here

Next Year Is Here

Next year is here. Finally. That dumpster fire that was 2020 has been sent packing. Good riddance I say. A shiny new year is upon us. Three cheers for 2021! But hold on. Was has changed other than one number on the date? If…