What Happens Now? What to do when an Employee Gets COVID

What Happens Now? What To Do When An Employee Gets COVID

Late last week a shop owner sent me a text, "You available for a quick chat? An employee tested positive for COVID." Queue the dramatic freak out music. It is very easy to see multiple challenges ahead for this business in the near future.…
Your Future Narrative

Your Future Narrative

Right now, you are living your story. One month, six months, or even five years from now you will be able to tell other people what happened to you, your family, your friends, and your business during the coronavirus pandemic. Stories…
Head Junk

Is Your Head Full of Junk?

Is your head full of junk? Recently I spent about twenty or thirty minutes with one of my coaching clients who was slogging through a series of doubts about their business. They felt inadequate. Like they didn't belong in the industry. A…