Why Should Anyone Do Business With You?

Why Should Anyone Do Business With You?

Ask yourself, "Why should anyone do business with you?" I'm serious. Because if you can't answer that question, you are doomed. Plus, your answer can not contain anything about: Price Customer Service Quality Here's why. If your answer…
Information Drinking From The Firehose

Information: Drinking From The Firehose

Information overload! In the modern 24/7/365 warp speed of the decorated apparel industry, it may sometimes feel like you are drinking from a firehose when it comes to finding and utilizing information. There is simply too much to process. So…
Fool's Gold - Marshall Atkinson

Fool's Gold

Are you prospecting for gold? Back in the gold mining boom, prospectors would unearth a mineral called pyrite and be duped into thinking it was the real deal.  Pyrite is an iron sulfide and the most common of the sulfide minerals. It's…