Pineapple at a angle

Why Marketplace Turbulence Is a Good Thing

Marketplace turbulence. On the surface, it may appear to be a big challenge. Customers start choosing something else. Inflation is driving prices up to new record highs. Sales are drying up. But, marketplace turbulence can be the best…
Prepare and Build for the Future of Your Shop

Prepare and Build For the Future of Your Shop

As this pandemic drags on, more changes are headed our way in the decorated apparel industry. A few shifts that are happening in the marketplace probably won't stick, but others will certainly have longer legs. This article is about those…
Employee Ghosting

Employee Ghosting Pushes Need For Better Strategy

Has your shop ever been the victim of employee ghosting? This is when one person, for whatever reason, simply doesn't come back to work. One minute they are there. The next? Poof. It's confusing and frustrating. And, like it or not,…