Young red headed woman pointing at the title, "The Principles of Serendipitous Confluence"

The Principles of Serendipitous Confluence

Have you ever heard the phrase "Principles of Serendipitous Confluence" before? This phrase basically means "discovering the right thing at the right time." I found this expression in the book "Ghost Rider" by Neal Peart. This book…
Yes, Your Network Is Still Your Net Worth

Yes, Your Network is Still Your Net Worth

Let's talk about your network. You know, all the friends, suppliers, customers, connections, and people you know that encompass your career. It is, and will always be, who you know that matters. What are you doing to strengthen or build…
Map Out Your Next Six Weeks

Map Out Your Next Six Weeks

For your business, what are you doing six weeks from now? Oh, you don't know? Like most shops, I'll bet you probably are only concerned with the orders for the next day or two. And that's it. Here's a trick I want you to try. Instead…