Faster Recovery Three Key Factors

Faster Recovery: Three Key Factors

As I speak with people in the decorated apparel industry from around the country, it is very interesting to hear everyone's take on what we need to get reopened and moving again. I'm not touching the political debate, but there are three main…
Start Up Procedures

Key to Better Shop Efficiency? Start Up Procedures

Just. Start. Already. How you do that can make a gigantic difference to your overall shop efficiency. What do you emphasize in your company? When I travel and go to shops, one of the things I love to observe is how the entire company starts…
Products vs Ideas: The Magic of ThreadX - Marshall Atkinson

Acquiring Products vs Ideas: The Magic of ThreadX

Oh boy. 2018! In this industry, I can feel the ripples of excitement. It’s a new year. New hopes. New dreams. I’ve been on the phone and emailing shop owners for a few weeks now. Everyone is poised to kick the year off right.…
Products vs Ideas: The Magic of ThreadX - Marshall Atkinson

What is the Voice of the Customer for T-shirt Shops?

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Let’s pretend that you have some sort of science fiction mental telepathy mind meld with your customers. (Uh, you mean you don’t already?)  You can see and understand their every thought, just like reading a book.  It’s all right there. …