Keeping Customers

Keeping Customers

Do you have a customer retention program? From the discussions I've had over the years with hundreds of decorated apparel shops, I can tell you that most "want to do" this, but never actually get around to it. If keeping customers happy…
Become a Time Warrior

Become A Time Warrior

How often are you thinking about the concept of Time in what you do? Sure, you know what time the office opens. There is a scheduled call with a customer at 10:00. If you are really good about time, you might know how long it takes to expose…
Next year is here

Next Year Is Here

Next year is here. Finally. That dumpster fire that was 2020 has been sent packing. Good riddance I say. A shiny new year is upon us. Three cheers for 2021! But hold on. Was has changed other than one number on the date? If…