Shop Improvement Series: Win More Sales

Shop Improvement Series: How to Win Sales in the Next Year

It's no secret that the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have amplified some consumer trends that have been lurching along for the last few years. Most business owners have put off changing or adapting to these trends because basically the…
Get Off Your Butt To Finish The Year Strong

Get Off Your Butt To Finish The Year Strong

Guess what? 2019 is more than half over! How are you doing with the goals that you set back at the end of 2018? Crushing it? Almost there? Never got started? Regardless of your results, these next six months can have a tremendous impact…
Accountability Is Binary - Marshall Atkinson

Accountability is Binary

Ready to nerd out? How about this phrase, "Accountability is Binary"? I was speaking with a coaching client a few weeks ago about a few employee challenges they were facing. During the conversation, our dialog path focused on the fact that…