Young red headed woman pointing at the title, "The Principles of Serendipitous Confluence"

The Principles of Serendipitous Confluence

Have you ever heard the phrase "Principles of Serendipitous Confluence" before? This phrase basically means "discovering the right thing at the right time." I found this expression in the book "Ghost Rider" by Neal Peart. This book…
Shop Improvement Series: Win More Sales

Shop Improvement Series: How to Win Sales in the Next Year

It's no secret that the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have amplified some consumer trends that have been lurching along for the last few years. Most business owners have put off changing or adapting to these trends because basically the…
It's Not What It Costs That Matters

It Is Not What It Costs That Matters

One mindset that I see constantly in the decorated apparel industry is entirely based on fear. Fear of what something costs. Hiring a new employee. Buying equipment. Attending a trade show. Trying out a new type of ink or other consumables.…