Pantone Books Not Accurate?

Pantone Books Not Accurate?

Recently I reposted an excellent blog article by Rick Roth from Ink Kitchen on my social media feeds. (Please read Rick's article!) My repost of that article on LinkedIn prompted an interesting online discussion and a few phone calls. The…
Accountability Is Binary - Marshall Atkinson

Accountability is Binary

Ready to nerd out? How about this phrase, "Accountability is Binary"? I was speaking with a coaching client a few weeks ago about a few employee challenges they were facing. During the conversation, our dialog path focused on the fact that…
PMS 485 is the Color of the Devil - Marshall Atkinson

PMS 485 is the Color of the Devil - and other funky stuff

PMS 485 Red has to be the most hated color ever invented.  If you don’t know why then you haven’t been in the decorated apparel business for long.  For me, easily a half-dozen “printing problems” a year caused by this color are due…
PMS 485 is the Color of the Devil - Marshall Atkinson

10 Tips to Getting Your Design Approved Faster

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As designers we’ve all been there.  You crank out design after design in a busy week, but a couple of your creations just don’t get approved by the clients quickly.  Your production team needs to get the art approved so they can do their…