Processes Define Success

Processes Define Success

In your shop, right now, you have established processes for everything you do. Some are working fantastic. Others are working ok. Some probably aren't working as they should. And lastly, there are some things that exist but don't have a…
Baton Passing for Apparel Decorators

Baton Passing for Apparel Decorators

In the sport of track and field, there are a few types of relay races. All at different distances. You may have seen those before on the Olympics or maybe even at your local high school. Concrete-feet enabled kids like me didn't participate.…
That's Not A Box of Shirts

That's Not A Box of Shirts, That's A Box of Money

I've said it a million times probably, "That's not a box of shirts, that's a box of money." Yet, plenty of shops don't have a solid process for handling their receiving duties and that cascades down into poor inventory control too. When…
Accountability Is Binary - Marshall Atkinson

Accountability is Binary

Ready to nerd out? How about this phrase, "Accountability is Binary"? I was speaking with a coaching client a few weeks ago about a few employee challenges they were facing. During the conversation, our dialog path focused on the fact that…
How SanMar Works Processing Your Orders - Marshall Atkinson

How SanMar Works: Processing Your Orders

  Have you ever wondered how your order gets picked once you hit the submit button at SanMar? I know I have. One of the things I was able to line up at this past January's ISS Long Beach show was a behind the scenes look at the…
How SanMar Works Processing Your Orders - Marshall Atkinson

2013 Work Sets Up Goals for 2014

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First, thank you for reading my blog!!  I appreciate your time and hope that I have contributed something valuable for you. So the year 2013 has finally come to a close, and like a lot of people there is some time for some introspection. …