Baton Passing for Apparel Decorators

Baton Passing for Apparel Decorators

In the sport of track and field, there are a few types of relay races. All at different distances. You may have seen those before on the Olympics or maybe even at your local high school. Concrete-feet enabled kids like me didn't participate.…
That's Not A Box of Shirts

That's Not A Box of Shirts, That's A Box of Money

I've said it a million times probably, "That's not a box of shirts, that's a box of money." Yet, plenty of shops don't have a solid process for handling their receiving duties and that cascades down into poor inventory control too. When…
Accountability Is Binary - Marshall Atkinson

Accountability is Binary

Ready to nerd out? How about this phrase, "Accountability is Binary"? I was speaking with a coaching client a few weeks ago about a few employee challenges they were facing. During the conversation, our dialog path focused on the fact that…
How SanMar Works Processing Your Orders - Marshall Atkinson

How SanMar Works: Processing Your Orders

  Have you ever wondered how your order gets picked once you hit the submit button at SanMar? I know I have. One of the things I was able to line up at this past January's ISS Long Beach show was a behind the scenes look at the…
How SanMar Works Processing Your Orders - Marshall Atkinson

2013 Work Sets Up Goals for 2014

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First, thank you for reading my blog!!  I appreciate your time and hope that I have contributed something valuable for you. So the year 2013 has finally come to a close, and like a lot of people there is some time for some introspection. …