Cooking with New Ingredients

Cooking With New Ingredients

Have you ever tried cooking with new ingredients? You know, the recipe calls for a list of items in exact measurements, but you can't resist the urge to throw in some honey and cayenne pepper. This is how chefs and home cooks all over the…
Why is it so expensive?

Why Is It So Expensive?

"Why is it so expensive?" You've probably have viewed a version of the following post somewhere in the past year or so. My Shirt Lab partner, Tom Rauen, sent me this earlier this week with the suggestion that I alter it for our industry. What…
Basics: Wet on Wet Screen-printing

Basics: Wet on Wet Screen-Printing

There are many reasons why a t-shirt shop should learn how to screen-print inks using a wet on wet technique. The primary driver though, is simply speed. Every time you flash, you are slowing your production output. If you are flashing…
Excellence is in the Next Five Minutes - Marshall Atkinson

Excellence Is In The Next Five Minutes

Did you know that "excellence is in the next five minutes"? When you are doing something, how much thought are you giving to the actual effort you give it? Is that the absolute BEST email you can write, or are you just firing something…
Excellence is in the Next Five Minutes - Marshall Atkinson

The Ironical Hard to Hear Truth About the T-shirt Industry

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I’ve been in the t-shirt industry seemingly forever.  Now that I’m the older, slower moving and maybe a little jaded version of my younger self, I can look back and peer into my crystal ball (which looks surprisingly like a coffee cup)…
Excellence is in the Next Five Minutes - Marshall Atkinson

The Future of T-shirt Printing – Magic Crystal 8 Ball Says Digital

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Recently I had a conversation with someone regarding the future of the t-shirt printing industry during a shop tour of Visual Impressions.  The whole digital vs. traditional for t-shirt printing is good fodder for an article to explore where…