9 Things to Change

9 Things to Change: Start the Year Off the Right Way

It's a brand new year! Woohoo! If you are like me, it's an opportunity to see the future as a new slate. A new chance. Energy level surge, 123%. Until about the second week of February kicks in. Then, will you go back to old habits and…
Perfect is the Enemy of Done

Perfect is the Enemy of Done

Perfect. What's that mean anyway? For a lot of people, including me, things don't get started because of that notion. The right time. More money. The knowledge to accomplish the task. People to help out. Because we think that we need…
Start Up Procedures

Key to Better Shop Efficiency? Start Up Procedures

Just. Start. Already. How you do that can make a gigantic difference to your overall shop efficiency. What do you emphasize in your company? When I travel and go to shops, one of the things I love to observe is how the entire company starts…