When Stubbornness Drives The Car

When Stubbornness Drives the Car

Hear me out. Let's pretend that your shop's attitude is a person. And in this particular scenario, that attitude is one of STUBBORNNESS. (All caps on purpose) Why stubbornness? I don't know. I could have used bullheadedness or inflexibility,…
Performance is Infectious

Performance is Infectious

If there is one thing I've learned in this industry over the past few decades it is that performance is infectious. If you have outstanding high-performing staff, others will start to push upward to be like them. But if you have slackers,…
Shop Improvement Series: Problem Solving

Shop Improvement Series: Problem Solving

Quick. Name a problem that your business faces today. I know you have one. Every business does. But what are you doing about them? For many decorated apparel industry businesses most aren't working on them as they are constantly head…
9 Things to Change

9 Things to Change: Start the Year Off the Right Way

It's a brand new year! Woohoo! If you are like me, it's an opportunity to see the future as a new slate. A new chance. Energy level surge, 123%. Until about the second week of February kicks in. Then, will you go back to old habits and…
Finding the Right Employees For Your Shop - Marshall Atkinson

Help Wanted – Finding the Right People for Your Shop

One burning question that I keep reading continuously in industry forums is “I need to hire some staff, where do I find these people?”  Shops often start off small, one person operations.  The business owner has the driving passion for…
Finding the Right Employees For Your Shop - Marshall Atkinson

Hard Decisions – Firing Someone

By nature I’m truly an optimist when it comes to people.  I want to think that I have a good instinct for making good hiring decisions.  Sure, I hire for skills.  But what I really look for deep down is ambition, drive, intelligence, and…