Thanks for the Sale

Thanks for the Sale!

Once upon a time, a t-shirt was sold. Along the way of that sale, there are some people behind the scenes who wanted to say thank you. The T-shirt's Birth Hank, a Dooly County Georgia cotton farmer, tended the land and grew the upland…
Cooking with New Ingredients

Cooking With New Ingredients

Have you ever tried cooking with new ingredients? You know, the recipe calls for a list of items in exact measurements, but you can't resist the urge to throw in some honey and cayenne pepper. This is how chefs and home cooks all over the…
Shop Improvement Series: Problem Solving

Shop Improvement Series: Problem Solving

Quick. Name a problem that your business faces today. I know you have one. Every business does. But what are you doing about them? For many decorated apparel industry businesses most aren't working on them as they are constantly head…
Shop Improvement Series: Problem Solving

The Future of T-shirt Printing – Magic Crystal 8 Ball Says Digital

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Recently I had a conversation with someone regarding the future of the t-shirt printing industry during a shop tour of Visual Impressions.  The whole digital vs. traditional for t-shirt printing is good fodder for an article to explore where…