Prepare and Build for the Future of Your Shop

Prepare and Build For the Future of Your Shop

As this pandemic drags on, more changes are headed our way in the decorated apparel industry. A few shifts that are happening in the marketplace probably won't stick, but others will certainly have longer legs. This article is about those…
Shop Improvement Series: Win More Sales

Shop Improvement Series: How to Win Sales in the Next Year

It's no secret that the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have amplified some consumer trends that have been lurching along for the last few years. Most business owners have put off changing or adapting to these trends because basically the…
Calculating the Lifetime Customer Value for Your Shop2019

Calculating the Lifetime Customer Value for Your Shop

How much is a customer worth to you? Most people would say "everything", and be 100% correct. But still, there is a way for you to calculate what a typical customer for your shop is worth. Do you know how to do this? No? That's ok.…