Inaction: Complications of Newton's Third Law

Newton's Third Law states: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." You may have learned that in high school science class. In the decorated apparel industry, we have our own physics law too. Have you heard or seen this? "For…
Print Flash Print - Marshall Atkinson

Print Flash Print: An Ode to the T-shirt Screenprinter

Print Flash Print. A mantra for the one-color hit. Bold replacing boring of a blank stock t-shirt. A delicate effort of force. Print Flash Print   Daily rituals. More sales add both security and stress. For the…
Screens: Biggest Issue In Your Shop - Marshall Atkinson

Screens: Biggest Issue In Your Shop

Today we are going to look at the biggest problem facing shops that screen-print apparel. At least from my perspective anyway. My guess is that this problem is probably in your shop. Right now. This challenge gets ignored most of the…