Importance of Change

Importance of Change

Change. I don't know about you, but I feel that right now we are at a critical juncture in the industry. Costs are rising all the time and from every direction. Garment inventory is sketchy or non-existent.New technologies are emerging.…
Shop Improvement Series: Speed - Pedal to the Metal

Shop Improvement Series: Speed - Pedal to the Metal

Maverick from the movie Top Gun famously said, "I feel the need for speed." Now more than ever, this is exactly what your shop needs. Speed. Speed is a competitive advantage. We live in a fast-food lane, Amazon ships and it arrives the…
Hiring New Employees for Your Shop

Hiring New Employees For Your Shop

A shop owner sent me an email earlier this week and wanted some guidance on hiring new employees for the shop. I counsel shop owners constantly on this in coaching sessions but haven't really dug into it with an article yet. So,…
Top 5 Reasons Why Shops Fail - Marshall Atkinson

Top 5 Reasons Why Shops Fail

Why do shops fail? Many, just like yours always seem to go out of business. But I'm not saying there is anything wrong with your shop. Nope. I just want to point out that in every shop that fails, they thought they would make it. That…
Shop Management Leadership Basics

All Eyes Are On You - Shop Management Leadership Basics

  Probably most people think that being hired or promoted as a manager in a shop means that you are in charge of a series of tasks or outcomes, or even an entire “department”; but in truth the cold, honest fact is that your main…
Finding the Right Employees For Your Shop - Marshall Atkinson

Help Wanted – Finding the Right People for Your Shop

One burning question that I keep reading continuously in industry forums is “I need to hire some staff, where do I find these people?”  Shops often start off small, one person operations.  The business owner has the driving passion for…