Why Should Anyone Do Business With You?

Why Should Anyone Do Business With You?

Ask yourself, "Why should anyone do business with you?" I'm serious. Because if you can't answer that question, you are doomed. Plus, your answer can not contain anything about: Price Customer Service Quality Here's why. If your answer…
Momentum is Power

Learn Why Momentum Is Power

"Momentum is power.", said famed inspirational leader Tony Robbins. Have you ever pondered the concept of momentum? At rest, nothing much happens. The effort and sweat needed to get started with anything can often be intense. But once…
There is No Growth Without Friction - Marshall Atkinson

There Is No Growth Without Friction

  Let's talk about your company trajectory for a minute.  You are here.  Your goals are over there.  The growth you need to bridge that gap?  That's the meat of the sandwich.  That's work. But here's the deal.  There is no growth…