3 Secrets On Outsourcing Art

Have you ever thought about outsourcing your art? I know. Your creative team rocks. I've been there. I was an art director for 14 years. But in the last few years, many shops have started outsourcing their art tasks to creative teams in…
Less Can Be More When It comes to Color

Less Can Be More When It Comes to Color

Less can be more when it comes to color sometimes. Think about the number of colors your shop offers for printing. Artists typically always want to use more, because hey...that's what is going to make the design better. Right? While that…
Print Flash Print - Marshall Atkinson

Print Flash Print: An Ode to the T-shirt Screenprinter

Print Flash Print. A mantra for the one-color hit. Bold replacing boring of a blank stock t-shirt. A delicate effort of force. Print Flash Print   Daily rituals. More sales add both security and stress. For the…
Terror Free Tri-Blend Decoration - Marshall Atkinson

Terror Free Tri-Blend T-shirt Decoration

Tri-Blend.  Have you noticed that this style is dominating t-shirt sales lately? Once upon a time in the decorated apparel industry, there used to be a name for those types of gray shirts.  Heathers.  Back in the day, there were…
Fool's Gold - Marshall Atkinson

Fool's Gold

Are you prospecting for gold? Back in the gold mining boom, prospectors would unearth a mineral called pyrite and be duped into thinking it was the real deal.  Pyrite is an iron sulfide and the most common of the sulfide minerals. It's…
Hairy Gorilla Arm - Marshall Atkinson

The Hairy Gorilla Arm Theory

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Do you have super nit-picky art customers?  You know, the ones that are never satisfied with any graphic you develop for them?  If you don’t, you are either extremely lucky or a big fat liar.  So I don’t call the readers of my blog liars,…