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What Does Success Look Like?

Often when people start out on a new task, they just lower their head, grit their teeth, and drive into it.  Outcome?  Who cares…we just want to finish!  Of course, the inherent problem with that is the fact that you may wind up with results that aren’t quite effective as they should be.  That can…

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Earning Trust

A lot of companies focus tremendous effort in finding and developing new customers.  You may use a lot of tools, advertising and various schemes to bring them into the fold, and start nurturing a relationship.  However, is that same energy and critical thinking being spend on your existing customers?  When someone does business with you…

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Change Your People – or – Change Your People

Last week I attended a wonderful event here in Milwaukee that the WMEP (http://www.wmep.org/) produced called “Manufacturing Matters”.  This event was loaded with networking opportunities, information sharing, classes on different subjects, and some really inspiring stories.  The governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, helped open the conference; and the keynote address was delivered by Dan Ariens…

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