Why A Waterbase Workshop?

Why A Waterbase Workshop?

Hey you. Yes, you. Sitting there complacent and comfortable in this industry. You've been around. Trade shows. Networking events. Supplier office demos. Hopefully, a Shirt Lab or two (It's not too late to register for Shirt Lab Atlanta!…
Print Flash Print - Marshall Atkinson

Print Flash Print: An Ode to the T-shirt Screenprinter

Print Flash Print. A mantra for the one-color hit. Bold replacing boring of a blank stock t-shirt. A delicate effort of force. Print Flash Print   Daily rituals. More sales add both security and stress. For the…
Top 5 Reasons Why Shops Fail - Marshall Atkinson

Top 5 Reasons Why Shops Fail

Why do shops fail? Many, just like yours always seem to go out of business. But I'm not saying there is anything wrong with your shop. Nope. I just want to point out that in every shop that fails, they thought they would make it. That…
Top 5 Reasons Why Shops Fail - Marshall Atkinson

For Better Results Set Clear Expectations

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“In order to maximize your group’s performance results, as a leader you need to set clear expectations.”  You’ve heard this before, right?  What does this really mean in a day to day, sweating like a pig, gotta get it done, orders…