Start Up Procedures

Key to Better Shop Efficiency? Start Up Procedures

Just. Start. Already. How you do that can make a gigantic difference to your overall shop efficiency. What do you emphasize in your company? When I travel and go to shops, one of the things I love to observe is how the entire company starts…
Performance Numbers Impact Future Predictions - Marshall Atkinson

Performance Numbers Impact Future Predictions

Let me start this article off by stating right away we will be looking at numbers. Performance numbers to be exact. For most people, it's a snooze fest. Numbers? Bore-Ring. Data isn't as sexy as discussing shirt styles, artwork,…
If Facebook Crashes - Marshall Atkinson

If Facebook Crashes Would Your Marketing Change?

  What if Facebook crashed tomorrow? I know for some people they might rejoice and dance in the streets.  After all, there is only so much political posturing that one person can take. However, for a lot of small businesses Facebook…