Leadership Clarity

Leadership Clarity

I want you to stop and consider your level of "Leadership Clarity" in your shop. What exactly do I mean by this? Let's review these points and discuss: Leading by ExampleInspiring a Shared VisionImproving ProcessesEnabling PeopleElevating…
Squirrels and Shiny Objects: How Not To Get Distracted

Squirrels & Shiny Objects: How Not To Get Distracted

Distracted at work? Have you ever wondered how other people and companies seem to accelerate and do so much more than you every day? I named this article "Squirrels and Shiny Objects" because it seems that for some folks they veer off the…
Start Up Procedures

Key to Better Shop Efficiency? Start Up Procedures

Just. Start. Already. How you do that can make a gigantic difference to your overall shop efficiency. What do you emphasize in your company? When I travel and go to shops, one of the things I love to observe is how the entire company starts…
Stop Using Band-Aids To Cover Up Problems

Stop Using Band-Aids to Cover Up Problems

Band-Aid Definition: an adhesive bandage with a gauze pad in the center used to cover minor wounds. a makeshift or temporary solution. Noun: band-aid; plural noun: band-aids "a band-aid solution to a much deeper problem" We're obviously…
Better Before Cheaper

Better Before Cheaper

Here's a mindset that I would like you to strongly consider, "Better Before Cheaper". You may have heard similar phrases like this before. "Buy nice or buy twice." "You get what you pay for." You get the drill. But how does this…
How to Build a Culture of Responsibility - Marshall Atkinson

How to Build a Culture of Responsibility

I hate to break it to you, but if you are frustrated by the lack of responsible employees in your company, that culture is one-hundred percent your fault. Not your employees! Here's what I mean. Read these examples and tell me if they…