Shop Improvement Series: Receiving Department

Shop Improvement Series: Receiving Department

When was the last time you overhauled your Receiving Department processes? I ask this to shop owners from time to time, and the answer is usually the same. Never. Most everyone is always focused on two things, the sales end of the stick,…

3 Secrets On Outsourcing Art

Have you ever thought about outsourcing your art? I know. Your creative team rocks. I've been there. I was an art director for 14 years. But in the last few years, many shops have started outsourcing their art tasks to creative teams in…

3 Key Tips For Customer Education

As a business owner, one of the primary things that you have to do constantly is customer education. This industry is filled with esoteric terms, too many choices, and potential landmines that can shift an easy order to a disaster if you…
Terror Free Tri-Blend Decoration - Marshall Atkinson

Terror Free Tri-Blend T-shirt Decoration

Tri-Blend.  Have you noticed that this style is dominating t-shirt sales lately? Once upon a time in the decorated apparel industry, there used to be a name for those types of gray shirts.  Heathers.  Back in the day, there were…
Terror Free Tri-Blend Decoration - Marshall Atkinson

100 Things You Can Do To Make Your Print Shop More Sustainable

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Get certified by the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership. Sign up for an energy audit for your company by your local utility.  Chances are this is a free service.  They can provide you with a comprehensive…
Terror Free Tri-Blend Decoration - Marshall Atkinson

T-shirt Shops: Reduce Your Misprints – Simple Steps

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There’s nothing more frustrating for a shop owner than having to replace a bunch of shirts at the last minute so an order can ship complete.  Earlier in the day, there was some preventable mistake with the print, and now you’ve got a bunch…