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Sweet Potato Pie Goal Setting - Marshall Atkinson

It’s that time of year again.  Every clown with a keyboard pushes out their “Top Ways to Hit Your Goals” or “Do These Steps to Improve Something Somehow” tips.  Hey, including me as I’ve written plenty of these articles before.  I have my Bozo nose here somewhere and I’m probably going to write them in the future too.

Not this time though.  Nope, I’m not going to sugar coat it.

Tough love time, you know.

Either you have what it takes deep inside you to power through and hit your goals, or you don’t.  Someone’s article with a handy list or best way to prepare yourself mentally isn’t going to do much.  It doesn’t matter what kind of pretty picture they post with the article either.

That’s why this article has a gorgeous picture of a piece of sweet potato pie.  Because it doesn’t matter.  And it is my dessert.  Mmmm.

I’m just as guilty as you.  I’d like to be able to do a lot of things, but meh…I never get around to doing them.  Why?

Because I guess they just aren’t as important enough.  At least that’s what the competition is saying.

So go ahead.  Make your “Not Do” list a bit longer this year.  You don’t have time anyway.  Right?

I love that “too busy” excuse, by the way.  Anytime I hear that I just imagine “SLACKER” in big red letters scribbled sloppily across their forehead.  It’s a very easy way to identify where a problem is coming from.

Why didn’t so and so happen yesterday?  “Oh, we were too busy.”

Ding.  Slacker identified.

What they meant to say was, “I didn’t value the outcome or result to sufficiently prepare to achieve the desired success.  I truly realize that I could have marshaled support, asked more questions, redeployed labor, or started earlier.  I am water.  I take the path of least resistance.  I revel in my mediocrity.  I champion procrastination at every turn.”

Ok, so maybe that’s a bit harsh.  But probably true nonetheless.  At least the part about being mediocre.  Excellence comes to those that try harder.

If you break everything down to the core essential ingredients on how things are achieved, either you want to really do something, or you don’t.  

Half measures produce half-assed results.

So the big question you must ask yourself is this:  Just how half-assed are you anyway?

If you want results, only full measures get you to the finish line.  At least that’s what I’m saying while I’m finishing off this mighty fine piece of pie.

Hey, anyone know how to get these red letters off of my forehead?

“Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.” – Dale Carnegie

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