Now Is The Time

Now is the time. You’ve been saying that you will get around to doing that thing “when you have some time”.

Opportunity is knocking right now my friend.

Now is the time to answer the door.

Now is the time to help others.

Now is the time to reach out and gather your tribe.

Now is the time to kick some ass. You got this!

Now Is The Time to Help

Shirt Lab attendee Sloan Coleman with Tiny Little Monster has put together an excellent community bonding project with printed t-shirts that are currently gaining traction in St. Louis.

It’s called “Here for Good”.

They created online stores to sell t-shirts for local businesses and organizations. What is really amazing is the level of marketing and social awareness that the Tiny Little Monster team has created to support and promote this project. Facebook, Instagram, and even a great newsletter have added to the insane level of communication.

This is the “Here for Good” project. Here’s an idea that may work in your area. I’ve spoken with Sloan, and she is 100% ready to help your shop build this out.

Here for Good in Virginia

The “Here for Good” program is an excellent idea and looks like it is gaining some legs. Fellow Shirt Lab attendee Marj Easterling with Big Lick Screenprinting in Roanoke, Virginia has adopted this for her community too. On their splash page for this idea, Marj included a subscription sign-up to add to their lead generation database.

Here for Good in Tennessee

In Tennessee, Shelby Craig started this as well. “We have had an overwhelming response.” They posted the graphic below, and by the next morning, they raised over $1,000 for small businesses.

Here for Good Food

In a slightly different twist, shop owner Ron Goodwin with Goodwin Graphics started a private Facebook group for food lovers in Massachusetts.

Ron’s shop is essentially closed down due to the shelter in place restriction, so they aren’t printing. He says, “We’re focusing our attention on a four-county area with a private Facebook group to show people where to find food with a take-out option. So far, 320+ people have joined. We’re not trying to sell shirts, this is just relationship building.”

Now is the Time for Relationship Building

Davis Slagle with BeeGraphix in Pennsylvania agrees. They have been focused on two things during this crisis.

The first is a simple Design Contest that is focused on schools. “This is about community involvement and getting people to our page”, said Davis.

The other idea that Davis is pursuing is simply helping out restaurants in his area. He’s been doing a twist on the Facebook Live 30-Day Challenge by recommending one restaurant a day with a live video discussion.

Davis says that they are pushing out what the restaurants are doing. He says, “What’s nice is that the owners are calling and thanking me. We aren’t selling shirts now, but we are getting ready for late summer or early fall when everything comes back.”

Free Online Stores & Yard Signs

Ron Augelli, the owner of We Talk Shirty has a similar plan by offering any local business a free online store.

“These free web stores have zero-risk and we’re offering them an opportunity to make some funds while this whole thing passes. It’s a 30-day store and our goal is to sell 50 t-shirts for them.”

But Ron isn’t stopping there. He’s also ramping up marketing for printing yard signs for customers as well. Note that he is requesting payment upfront, which is something I would agree with and suggest to you too.

Now Is The Time for Positivity

It is extremely easy to get mentally run-down and depressed. Our world as we know it no longer exists.

To journey through this crisis you need to be hyper-aware of avoiding negative ideas, situations, practices, and thinking.

Negativity makes the lock-down mode we’re in worse. Nobody has time for that.

Tips for positivity:

  • Make a routine. Working from home feels weird because you are off your normal daily habits. Get back those by creating a new routine and sticking to it. Yes, use a calendar. Be sure to schedule family time and other ideas into it as they are hard to avoid when you are clustered together.
  • Get dressed for work. Sure it seems weird to get dressed for work, but what you wear has a direct effect on how you feel. When you look like a slob, you act like a slob. When you look professional, you act professionally. I’m not kidding.
  • Watch what you say. Words matter. “I’m trying to” sounds like you have already failed. Use positive word choices in your speech and writing. “I’m going to” is much better.
  • Get some sleep. Your brain and body need the rest to fully prepare for the next day.
  • Eat right. Stuck with working at home? Don’t give in to the temptation for gorging on junk food.
  • Exercise. That’s right buddy. Get off that couch or out of that chair.
  • Help people. Your family. Friends. Co-workers or work colleagues. Neighbors. Even complete strangers. We’re all in this together. What can you do today that will make a difference for someone else? Hint: you don’t have to spend money or even be next to them.
  • Educate yourself. Read a book. Watch a video. Listen to a podcast. Read a blog.

Now Is The Time To Create Something Fun

Not many people know this, but I’m a painter. Specifically watercolors. In fact, I have a degree in art from Florida State University.

Instead of watching the talking heads on tv, here’s how I’ve been spending my time. I live in Arizona, and this is a cactus flower from my backyard.

I’m always working and have been putting off painting for a long while. At the beginning of the year, I made a commitment to paint more in 2020 and always be creating something.

This is the second painting I’ve completed. I just started organizing my thoughts on the third one already. Cranking up the music and creating art has been a fantastic release for me these past few weeks.

Is there something fun you’ve been putting off? You need more smiles.

Get some.

Now Is The Time For Action

Here’s my point.

Now is the time to do more than you ever thought possible. Sure, I get it. You are in the shelter-in-place mode, or your business has cratered into the ground. Mine too. We are all wearing the same doom and gloom blanket.

But you can shed that off right now if you want.

Remain calm. Stay positive. Focus on what you can control. Help people. Start taking action.

What can you do today?

“The book you don’t read won’t help.” – Jim Rohn

“If you want to change the world, find someone to help you paddle.” – William H. McRaven

“Every obnoxious act is a cry for help.” – Zig Ziglar

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