Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice

Have you ever stopped to consider the “voice” of your shop?

I want you to stop for a minute and consider the following artists:

Maybe you are familiar with all of them, maybe only a few. I could have made an extensive and long list, but I’m sure you get my point. One each of them has is a unique way of looking at the world.

Do you have favorite creative people that you follow that you can hear, see, or read their works and are instantly identifiable?

What else are they?

They produce their work to please themselves first. It is high quality, which is why they have built legions of fans.

Their “voice” allows them to express themselves in a unique way.

Finding Your Voice

In a business case, your voice is your branding. It’s how you do things and the choices you make.

It is present in your social media, in the workflow and final products your produce, and in the culture that you build in your business.

Your voice matters.

If you sing in someone else’s voice, or simply aren’t singing at all, you won’t attract your legions of fans (customers).

Your Voice = One Source of Truth

What is your business about? Do you have a north star or example of why you are doing what you do every day?

Strip away the facade and celebrate your one source of truth.

For me, my passion is teaching and helping people get better. It is fun for me to share anything I’ve learned from my mistakes, successes, experiences, conversations, or even my connections.

That’s why I write this blog every week. Or the books I’ve written. Or jump on a plane and travel to a shop to work with them on workflow efficiency gains.

I want to sing in my voice. By the way, my actually singing sounds a lot like a cat being murdered. So obviously that’s not what we are talking about.


When you find your voice, you need to integrate it into every facet of your business.

It can help you navigate the clients you want to work with, the products you create and market, and even who is on your team.

Imagine the power of your company when everyone can sing the same song in harmony.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Your Voice Can Attract Customers

Finding your true voice can attract customers that want to work with you.

Think about that.

You know this to be true in the world around you. That’s why a sports superstar might want to leave their existing team to play for a different team.

It is why some companies attract first-rate employees because they are doing something that appeals to someone deep in their heart.

People don’t get passionate about bland and quiet.

Be yourself. Show your colors and passion. In the words of my friend Jay Busselle, “your vibe attracts your tribe.”

Your Voice Shows Up in Everything

Think about the six examples I started this article with for a moment. Every one of them pushes the envelope in what they do, and they do it their way.

Your company has a voice. Maybe nobody has ever actually heard it. Including you.

That’s ok.

It is up to you to define it. Use it. Promote it.

What are you waiting for here?

Let’s hear your voice!

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